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through lifehack Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


There are only two obstacles to successful writing. They are fear and lack of desire. Fear can be overcome. Lack of desire is a terminal affliction.


Get the paper and pencil or sit at the keyboard and write. What do you have to write – a sales report, a letter of recommendation, a plan to improve some function or some other writing activity? All require a start – so start! No rules – just start! In fact, stop reading this article and begin. You can come back after the first 50 words are written.

So, I guess that I’m here to fulfill the 50 words that are required before I pass go again.

Luckily, that’s easy enough to do. So at least, there is now justification for the time I have been spending on this silly pet project of mine.

Hopefully, we’ll start seeing some of the benefits of this fairly soon.

You only get better at the things that you do, So I guess the more you write, the better you get.
Little gimmicks like this helps. And, you should really bug me if I don’t post here daily. After the speed test yesterday, we know there is definitely time to do this everyday.

Start Writing. Now. Just, Do it Now.

And here are 50 tips


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  1. I’m glad you received a bit of motivation from “Writing – Just Do It”. I also have a blog that goes unattended for long periods because I am so busy writing for others that I have little time to write my own. However, the need to cast words into cyberspace and see where they land is fulfilled.

    I often wonder exactly what the motivation is that drives me to engage in this habit. If I wasn’t retired I would not have the time and the financial return is paltry, so it must be the desire to share thinking and examine the responses. I wish you well with your blog and may you stumble on to some thoughts that are perceptive and insightful to share with cyberworld.

    Comment by David Richards — 2006.03.26 @ 07:14\07

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